This blog is an attempt at sifting through the myriad of muddled and mind/body/soul-numbing messages that we are fed, often without even realizing it, by the dominant voices in our culture everyday. My goal is to enlighten, challenge, and encourage my reader into action; what that action might be is best left to your interpretation, since you are much more equipped than I to figure out where you are on the social/political/economic spectrum, how you are connected to the issues at hand, and thus what you can do to change this world for the better.

I suppose it is worth mentioning that I am a Christian, if only because again and again on this site you will find reference to theological and religious motifs.  It is my hope that this would not preclude anyone from reading my material, or engaging me in dialogue.  I write as such only because these are the frameworks that I work within.  I have a heart for plurality, and relish any opportunity to hear of Truth through frameworks different from my own.


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