Remember you are trash, and to the landfill you shall return.

Ash Wednesday has come and with it the liturgical/spiritual season of Lent, during which Christians are encouraged either to give something up or to take something on, a spiritual discipline leading to contemplation and penitence of heart in preparation for the celebration of Easter.  This year for Lent, I have decided to take on the challenge of carrying all of my personally-produced trash with me wherever I go for the next 46 days; sounds CRAZY, I know.  The significance of this symbolic act is to give me a veritable physical burden of my own material waste; whatever I cannot recycle or compost will remain with me for the next 46 days before I thoughtlessly send it to the landfill for only God knows how many years.

It is my hope, as a by-product perhaps, since surely my endeavor will draw questions and even criticism from some, that in bearing this burden I might challenge that misinformed paradigm in the minds of others that their trash just disappears when the garbage man comes to collect each week, but to be sure, my goal is simply my own edification in this reality, since that is the only result of which I can perhaps be assured.  And to give credit where credit is due, this idea came to me from without; I first heard of a blogger over a year ago who did this for a month, unconnected with Lent, and this was also undertaken by a Canadian family for a period of three months in a documentary called “Garbage! the Movie,” during which they kept their accumulated garbage and recyclables (separated) in their garage for the duration of the time.

I will be updating my journey toward Easter perhaps as frequently as once a week, so check back in from time to time, if you are so inclined. May God bless you in the meantime, and may Her Spirit rest with you and give you peace, love and understanding during this season of contemplation.


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